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Cloud Hosting Option - Details

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2016 09:49AM EST
MyQuickCloud offer a Cloud service that is built around the MyQuickCloud platform.

We provide the cloud server in a data center closest to your location (currently US East and West coasts, Europe East and West, Australia and South-East Asia), install* the applications for you, manage the server updates and backups.

Our cloud servers have the following specs and managed services:

SSD storage
We use Solid State Drives (SSD) for all servers. SSD provide better performances compared to normal hard disks. We also use real-time redundant storage so your data is replicated on multiple physical SSD.

Daily backups
We backup your whole server daily with a rolling retention period of 30 days. You can thus request access to your data at anytime in the previous 30 days should you need to. In this case we will pull the data for that specific date and make it available on your server in a separate folder or disk so you can have both your current and historical data to troubleshoot.

SLA and up-time
We guaranty a 99.95% uptime for your server outside scheduled maintenance period. For more information, check our SLA here

Installation and updates
We will install applications, updates and Windows updates on your server. We will first backup the server, then apply the changes.

Access and security
Cloud servers run behind firewalls which protect your server and block direct access from the Internet. By leveraging the power of MyQuickCloud, you securely access your server from a Windows PC, a Mac computer or mobile devices.

Centralized storage and manual backups
You can also take advantage of the cloud server's redundant storage to store other files and data in order to share access with the other users on your account. You can also run manual backups of your applications at anytime. For example, if you have QuickBooks hosted, and you want to delete transactions but prefer to have a safety net before doing so, you can perform a manual backup of the QuickBooks Company Files and then do the work.
*:according to 3rd party licensing terms using your existing licenses for non Microsoft products. Where installation files are not publicly available for download, we would ask you to make those available. Most Microsoft products are also available as additional options where we would install the applications and provide the corresponding licenses.

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