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MyQuickCloud Getting Started

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2016 10:31AM EST

Getting started with MyQuickCloud couldn’t be easier!
This simple guide explains how to get started with MyQuickCloud in less than 30 minutes.

MyQuickCloud™ in a nutshell

With MyQuickCloud™ your team members can open and use Desktop programs and files on their own devices, without having to locally install the programs on their computers.
It enables any currently installed program on the host computer to be accessed and used by one or more different users from any different remote device (eg laptop, smartphone,..etc.) from anywhere in the world.


Useful word definitions

Host PC The computer or server that you’re connecting to remotely. It is the computer hosting the programs and files you need to access. A host can be a PC, a Windows server or a Cloud Server
Administrator A user who can manage other MyQuickCloud™ users e.g. updating details, resetting passwords, assigning programs, billing and other admin related tasks
User A team member who can open published applications and other relevant programs on the host computer, using MyQuickCloud™.
Dashboard The MyQuickCloud™ main window, showing programs published and available to the user. It is the main user interface for opening applications.
MyQuickCloud dashboard
Note: only the MyQuickCloud™ admin can modify the dashboard.
Virtual Desktop Accessible through the MyQuickCloud™ dashboard, this is a private desktop, only visible to the remote user and not shared with any other users. With the Virtual Desktop application, users can work on any program that is available on the host.
Virtual Application Software application available on the Host that is opened directly on the remote user computer and behaves exactly like a local application. With a Virtual App on their dashboard, remote users can open the program virtually from anywhere.

7 simple steps to set up MyQuickCloud™

1. Create an account

Click the following link and follow the easy steps to register and activate your account
Create Account

2. Set up the host computer

Choose which computer will become the host (a computer where applications to share or access remotely are already installed for instance).

Download MyQuickCloud



The application will start downloading, once the download is complete open the application by double-clicking.


Download MyQuickCloud Install MyQuickCloud



After a few seconds, the login screen will show up.
Log in using the username and password created in step 1.


Download MyQuickCloud Sign In MyQuickCloud


Add Host

Click on "Add Host"
Click on "Next" to start the host setup process
After a few seconds, the 3 required steps should complete with a green check mark next to each. At this point, you've successfully added the computer or server as a MyQuickCloud™ host.


Download MyQuickCloud Sign In MyQuickCloud

3. Publish a Virtual Desktop

On the Dashboard, click on "Publish Virtual Desktop..." to add a virtual desktop application

Publish Virtual Desktop Publish Virtual Desktop

4. Publish an application

Only the Cloud administrator can publish and share applications. The users can then open the shared application without installing it locally on their computers.

To publish an application:
Click on the Manage tab to expand the admin options.
Click on the Apps tab to open the apps configuration panel.


Click on the "Apps" button on the left-hand side and then click on "Create new..." at the bottom of the App Management screen.

You will then be presented the "Publish Application" panel. Use the search to find your program (you can publish any application that you have installed on the computer) Once done, click "Next".

Publish Virtual Application Publish Virtual Application

5. Configure users

To add a user:
Click on the Manage tab to expand the admin options.
Click on the Users tab to open the users configuration panel.
Click on the Create New... button (bottom-left) to create the new user
Fill in the required details and click Next to create the user.

Create user Create user


6. Update Billing information

Once the account has been setup, you can enter your billing information within 7 days.

To do so, just login to your online account, select Manage Subscription, then Subscribe.

Select the Business Package, choose between monthly or yearly plans and follow the instructions.

Manage Subscription

7. Using MyQuickCloud™

Users configured on your cloud receive a welcome email with their user information.

To use MyQuickCloud™ and open the applications published, remote users need to download MyQuickCloud and sign in.

Download MyQuickCloud

User Dashboard

All applications published by the administrator are available from the MyQuickCloud dashboard.
Click on any of the shortcuts to open the application

User Dashboard


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